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Resources for keyword: Tears

A Prayer for Those Who Are Grieving for the Passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
A prayer for those who are Grieving for the passengers on malaysia airlines flight 17

All blog results

Counting on Kindness
Wendy Lustbader
A remarkable paperback on elders and the challenges they face when becoming home-bound.

Uncertainty Abounds
Ajahn Chah
Accepting impermanence

Save Your Tears
Forrest Church
Remembering that you have suffered and survived

Let Yourself Cry
Alan Epstein
Do something that will draw out tears

Tears for the Soul
Terry Bookman
Cleansing your body and your soul

Abiding in Christ
Brian C. Taylor
Warming the heart for God

An excerpt from Forever in Love
June Cotner
A wonderful collection of poems on the different shades of love in a meaningful relationship.

An excerpt from The Happiness Hypothesis
Jonathan Haidt
A highly sophisticated quest to find the meaning of life.

William Stringfellow
William Stringfellow, Bill Wylie-Kellerman
Collection of writings by a Protestant gadfly for justice and peace.

An excerpt from Daily Doses of Wisdom
Josh Bartok
A fine collection of edifying Buddhist quotations.

Some Days Are Lonely
Young-Ah Kim
A well-done children's story about how a little one deals with a bout of loneliness.

Lovabye Dragon
Barbara Joosse
A charming children's picture book about a lonely little girl and an isolated dragon who follow their deep yearning for friendship.

An excerpt from Desert Fathers and Mothers
Christine Valters Paintner
A creative and engrossing close-encounter with the wisdom sayings of the fourth and fifth century Christians.

An excerpt from Curious Behavior
Robert R. Provine
Sidewalk neuroscience on our everyday behaviors.

Steam of Life
Joonas Berghall, Mika Hotakainen
A riveting documentary about the spiritual uses of saunas by Finnish men.

An excerpt from Confusion Arises as Wisdom
Ringu Tulku
Incisive commentary on a Tibetan Buddhist classic about spiritual maturity.

The Gift of Tears
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
Why crying, as Jesus and the desert fathers and mothers, and us at the movies, can be a spiritual practice.

An excerpt from Praying with the Earth
John Philip Newell
Prayers and blessings to nurture peace in the world among people of all the world's religions.

God's Tender Mercy
Joan Chittister
A short but profoundly prophetic assessment of forgiveness and other essentials of the Christian path.

An excerpt from The Gift
Kathleen Deignan
A collection of ballads based on the psalms, poetry, and sacred writings which give us intimations of gratitude toward God for all good gifts.


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