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Resources for Tradition: Buddhism

Touching the Earth for Our Adversaries
Frederic Brussat
A prayer practice that recognizes that our adversaries can be our teachers when they call out our passion for the Earth.

Bhutan's Model of Gross National Happiness
Frederic Brussat
A celebration of Bhutan and its national spiritual agenda.

Five Ways to Make It Easier for Men to Channel Empathy and Compassion
Frederic Brussat
A wake-up call for men to replace violent behavior with the tenderizing and healing powers of empathy and compassion.

All blog results

Speaking of Others with Openness
Diane Eshin Rizzetto
Reflecting on how we talk about others

Track Your Joy
Donald Altman
Sharing your joy with others

Make a Mood Music Inventory
Donald Altman
Listening to music for joy

Locate the Hidden Strengths Within
Donald Altman
Being aware of your personal strengths

Create Laughter Memories
Donald Altman
Writing down your laughter memories to develop a new perspective

Mindful Smiling
Donald Altman
Transforming your breath into a smile

Catching Fantasies
Donald Altman
Paying attention to what you fantasize about

Define Your Biggest Fears
Lama Surya Das
Defining Your Biggest Fears

A Journal for Reflecting On Our Losses
Lama Surya Das
Processing Pain

Scan Your Body Before Rising
Gabrielle Roth
Enjoying the warmth of your body

Conjure Up a Smile
Allan Lokos
Smiling Makes the World Go Around

Conjure Up a Smile
Allan Lokos
Smiling Makes the World Go Around

Look Deeply Into Food
Jan Chozen Bays
Thanking everyone who who brought your food to your plate

Loving-Kindness for the Body
Jan Chozen Bays
Easing discomfort in the body

Jan Chozen Bays
Noticing when anxiety arises in you

The Harm of Impatience
Jan Chozen Bays
Responding mindfully to impatience

Jan Chozen Bays
Why are you in a rush?

Be On Time
Jan Chozen Bays
Considering the meaning of "being on time"

This Person Could Die Tonight
Jan Chozen Bays
Remembering the life's impermanence

Defining and Defending
Jan Chozen Bays
How are you defining yourself and your personal territory?


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