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Frederick Franck in Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing: Meditation in Action Looking at the world around us is different from seeing
Frederick Franck in What Matters Contempt and animosity towards the others
Frederick Franck in What Matters There is Truth/Reality and there is delusion
Frederick Franck in Fingers Pointing Toward the Sacred The opposite of faith is not doubt
Frederick Franck in What Matters The religious attitude to existence is rooted in wonder
To Be Human Against All Odds A polemic against the entrenched institutions that have unleashed a torrent of crimes against humanity.
What Matters Frederick Franckon the spiritual practice of being hospitable to many spiritual paths.
What Matters A wonderful and thought-provoking collection of quotations and reflections by this Renaissance artist, sculptor, writer, and visionary.
The Supreme Koan Two thought-provoking essays and two Buddhist-Christian miracle plays.
Pacem in Terris The story of how Franck, a painter and sculptor, turned ruins of an old mill into a transreligious oasis.