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The Secret Message of Jesus Brian D. McLaren on having a new understanding of Jesus' message in an age of terrorism and religious conflict.
The Great Spiritual Migration Brian McLaren on love as the heart of Jesus' teaching and the heartbeat of his daily life.
A New Kind of Christianity Brian McLaren on the violent and judgment God worshiped by Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
We Make the Road by Walking Brian D. McLaren on how the Spirit is on the move.
Brian D. McLaren A profile with bibliography and distinctive spiritual teachings of Brian McLaren, innovative Christian leader of the Emergence Christianity movement.
The Secret Message of Jesus The right book at the right time with its call to a new form of Christianity that can appeal to evangelicals, mainliners, and spiritual seekers.
Finding Our Way Again Brian McLaren on the Christian practice of faith.
We Make the Road by Walking A serious and sensitive year-long curriculum that brings us alive and sends us on our way rejoicing in service of others.
Naked Spirituality An explanation of the four stages of the spiritual life and twelve practices to strengthen, sustain, and deepen faith.
Finding Our Way Again A dramatic and adventuresome emergent form of everyday Christian spirituality based on seven ancient practices.