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The World Is Made of Stories A rich and thought-provoking work which delves into the formative and significant role of stories in our lives.
The World Is Made of Stories David Loy on how by finding meaning mainly in words, we miss meaning everywhere else in the universe.
Money, Sex, War, Karma David Loy on Buddhism and its treatment of attention in a world of data overload.
A New Buddhist Path David Loy on the shadow side of the mindfulness movement in non-religious settings.
Money, Sex, War, Karma Addresses a few of the critical challenges Buddhism faces in the West where cravings, delusion, and habit energies must be overcome.
A New Buddhist Path An examination of the state of contemporary Buddhism in the West.
A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency A timely and thought-provoking response to the climate crisis by a wide cross-cut of Buddhist spiritual teachers and writers.
A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency Hozan Alan Senauke on spiritual practices and policies to mend the world (in a book edited by John Stanley, David Loy and Gyurme Dorje)