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Christianity After Religion Diana Butler Bass on spirituality as a critique of institutional religion and a longing for meaningful connection.
Grounded An explanation of spiritual practices for the home which John Wesley called holy habits.
Strength for the Journey Reveals the liberalizing of a hardcore evangelical Christian within a series of mainline Episcopal churches over two decades.
A People's History of Christianity On how human beings can participate in the journey of becoming like God.
Christianity for the Rest of Us A three-year study of mainline Christian congregations that are transforming faith through ten signposts of renewal.
Christianity After Religion A thought-provoking map of post-religious Christianity.
Grounded A beautiful explanation of a broad and inclusive concept of God that can be embraced by all seekers.
Christianity for the Rest of Us Diana Butler Bass on the practice of hospitality in Christian literature.
A People's History of Christianity A bold and visionary work that reframes the history of Christianity using beliefs and practices from the past to light the way into the future.
Diana Butler Bass A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Diana Butler Bass, author and independent scholar of American religious history.