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Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice Iman Jamal Rahman's explanation of love in Islam.
Getting to the Heart of Interfaith A substantive and enlightening exploration of the interfaith journey by three friends of different traditions.
Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice A top-drawer celebration of diverse spiritual practices for social activists in the growing interfaith movement.
Religion Gone Astray Common core teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that support the healing of the grievous problems of exclusivity, violence, sexual inequality, and homophobia.
Religion Gone Astray Don Mackenzie, Ted Falcon, and Jamal Rahman on how each of the three Abrahamic faiths have practices that provide a way of discerning the consistent and inconsistent verses and beliefs of each of thes…
Getting to the Heart of Interfaith Instructions for a Sufi practice of embracing difficult feelings, little by little.
Three-Day Shabbat Encourage interfaith dialogue with this multifaith practice.
Breaking Free: Liberation through Interfaith Dialogue A look at issues we face in a pluralistic society and ways to transcend roadbloacks to effective collaboration.