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Replanting Ourselves in Beauty Patricia Farmer on the five habits of beauty.
Replanting Ourselves in Beauty A soul-stirring collection of essays on beauty as a catalyst to environmental renewal.
Jay McDaniel A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Jay McDaniel, theologian, author, and director of the Steel Center for the Study of Religion.
Earth, Sky, Gods and Mortals Jay McDaniel on how our caring is an expression of the image of God.
Of God and Pelicans Jay McDaniel on how the spiritual practice of openness opens the door to reverence for life.
Of God and Pelicans A strong case for animal rights, an environmental ethic, and a reverence for all life on the planet.
Earth, Sky, Gods and Mortals An innovative guidebook for Christians on ecological spirituality.
Living from the Center Jay McDaniel's invitation to chant the grace mantra.
Gandhi's Hope The multiple meanings of the spiritual practice of peace.
Gandhi's Hope A soul-stirring and enlightening overview of the adventure of wisdom in our times.