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Energy Medicine Presentations by experts on alternative healing techniques and practices.
Soul Mates Six relationship experts explore the emotional and spiritual rewards of relating to a soul mate or to a friend.
Mature Interspirituality Lynda "Ma Shanti" Terry on silence as catalyst for spiritual maturing.
Measuring the Immeasurable An erudite anthology of essays on science and spirituality.
The Universal Appeal of Dance Quotes from Taoism, shamanism, African religions, Judaism, and Hafiz on the universal appeal of dance.
Measuring the Immeasurable Rick Hanson on Seven Facts About the Brain That Incline the Mind to Joy.
The Quest Love Trilogy Six bestselling experts offer their advice on sexuality, attraction, commitment, love and marriage.
Mature Interspirituality Resources for the interspiritual activist.
Conscious Aging Presents ideas on aging and death that reflect an integration of Eastern and Western philosophies.