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Reframe the Way You See Those Who Provoke You Having compassion for the one who is provoking you
Being Grateful Feeling joy for what you have
Yearning Follow your heart's boundless desire. It takes you out of yourself and fosters an appreciation for the multidimensional pleasures of life.
Togetherness Expressing gratitude
Devotion Express your feelings of praise and adoration through devotional practices. Pray with words and pray through your actions.
A Natural Law of Magnetism Welcoming what life has to offer you
Dancing with Life Three ways to practice renunciation to loosen the ego's grasp on the mind.
Earning Forgiveness Taking responsibility for your behavior
Imagination Give imagination free rein in your life. Explore its images and ponder its meaning-making moments, and it will always present you with something new to be seen, felt, or made known.
Work Matters Forgetting the results