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Ways to Practice Thanks-giving A gratitude practice for every day from Nov. 1 to Thanksgiving.
Being Grateful Feeling joy for what you have
Wonder Cultivate a vibrant curiosity and welcome the reports of your senses. The world is alive and moving toward you with rare epiphanies and wonderful surprises. Remember you are standing on holy ground.
Togetherness Expressing gratitude
Compassion Open your heart, mind, and soul to the pain and suffering in the world. Reach out to others and discover the rewards and obligations of deep feeling.
A Natural Law of Magnetism Welcoming what life has to offer you
Saying Yes to Life A Buddhist meditation teachers practice for being with your fear, feeling it, recognizing when it is present, and experiencing it just as it is.
Earning Forgiveness Taking responsibility for your behavior
Waiting with Attention A fascinating view into the mind's tricks: desire, envy, dislike, anger, and more.
Work Matters Forgetting the results