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Movies about Native Americans A collection of 20 feature films and documentaries which give insights into Native American history, culture, tradition, and clashes with white America.
Films about HIV/AIDS A collection on movies that provide entry points into the meaning of the HIV/AIDS health crisis and opportunities for developing compassion and empathy for those affected by it.
Films about Ministers, Priests, and Nuns Our 12 picks for best films plus some extras.
The State of the World 2013 According to Spiritually Literate Films What 2013's best films reveal about the situations and problems of today's world plus some hope for the future.
Books that Speak to Your Condition Book recommendations that speak to a variety of conditions.
An Inclusive Approach to Prayer Prayer books for those on a multifaith and spiritually independent path.
Ten Best Football Movies For Super Bowl weekend and any other time, our movie picks for football fans. football.
A Roundup of The Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2012 Our thoughts and reflections on the best films of the year reviewed from a spiritual perspective.
Resources about Human Trafficking A selection of films and a book about human trafficking and modern day slavery.
Best Spiritual Books of 2017 A roundup of our choices for the year's Best Spiritual Books.