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The Life and Times of Martin Luther
A beautifully illustrated picture book about the man who sparked the Protestant Reformation.
Wild Animals
Lyrical and positive portraits of a group of exotic wild animals.
Cain and Abel
The perfect children's book to use in discussing what causes wars and how to prevent them.
Fun story about the day in the life of an enthusiastic dog who loves going to school.
In God's Name
A reverent children's book that conveys the many faces of the one God.
Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns
An awe-inspiring children's book about beauty in Islam and colors pervading the everyday life of a young Muslim girl.
The Beejum Book
A magical mystery tour that will give you abundant pleasure and insights into travel, enchantment, mysticism, religion, and philosophy.
The Beatitudes
An uplifting children's book on the spiritual quest of African-Americans for freedom in the United States.
I Wish Tonight
A mystical tale of yearning for a better, more loving world of joy and mutual sharing.
Bear in Pink Underwear
A whimsical children's book shows how people can ridicule you one minute and then praise you the next.