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The Rock Maiden
A re-envisioned story about a famous rock formation in Hong Kong.
Cain and Abel
The perfect children's book to use in discussing what causes wars and how to prevent them.
The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane
A young monk in an Irish monastery during the Middle Ages models reverence for nature and love of beauty.
In God's Name
A reverent children's book that conveys the many faces of the one God.
Homer, the Library Cat
The quest of a cat who lives in a quiet house with a quiet woman to find another place in his town where silence is appreciated.
The Beejum Book
A magical mystery tour that will give you abundant pleasure and insights into travel, enchantment, mysticism, religion, and philosophy.
Valentine Be Mine
Handy and entertaining information for children on the origins of this romantic holiday.
I Wish Tonight
A mystical tale of yearning for a better, more loving world of joy and mutual sharing.
Big Bear Hug
A wonderful contemporary fable about the importance of expressing your affection.
God's Paintbrush
A delightful children's book that conveys the pleasure in seeking God in everyday life.