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Light When It Comes Ways to be taken out of ourselves and filled with joy from a master of everyday spirituality.
Inclusivity Diarmuid O'Murchu on the roots of the desire for inclusivity and the primacy of the Kingdom.
The Spirituality of the Gospels Fresh interpretations of intelligent, challenging, and incredibly inspiring gospel texts.
How to Read the Bible A useful book on three ways to explore Jewish and Christian scriptures revealing the wisdom Cox has accrued from years from teaching.
Marcus J. Borg A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Marcus J. Borg, progressive Christian, Jesus scholar, accessible teacher of the Christian way as a path of transformation, …
Thy Kingdom Come A prayer for all tasks of each day.
Second Journeys Bolton Anthony on how good things happen when we operate from a deeper place than ego.
Christianity in a Nutshell A succinct and substantive summary of the Mysteries that animate Christianity.
The Way of Thomas A salutary overview of the teachings in the Gospel of Thomas emphasizing its relevance to today's scene.
The Robert Bellah Reader 28 essays assessing the roles of religion in society.