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The Five Invitations Lessons learned from the dying about letting go and surrender.
Vesper Time A treasure-trove of spiritual stories, anecdotes, and insights for spiritual elders.
Buddha U A list of patterns in life that demonstrate benevolence.
Word by Word A creative and soulful collection of 15 key spiritual words to savor in our days and doings.
Ken Kiff's Man Greeting Woman A painting of an encounter between a man and a woman that conveys the joyful and playful spiritual practice of openness
Hidden in God A monk's advice to desert dwellers.
Stephen Levine A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Stephen Levine, American writer, poet, and meditation teacher, spiritual teacher of Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism, and wo…
Two Dogs and a Parrot An important lesson about acceptance from Danny the puppy.
Tashi and the Monk Heartwarming HBO documentary about love and compassion at an orphanage run by a Tibetan Buddhist.
Drubwang Tsoknyi Rinpoche in In the Presence of Masters Blessings are contagious