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William Sloane Coffin in Credo If we don't make a difference by trying
Rami Shapiro in Minyan The task is great. You cannot be expected to finish it
Edward Hays in A Lenten Hobo Honeymoon Consider abstaining from apathy
Sharon Salzberg in Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience bright faith propels us into the unknown
Jean Smith in Now! The Art of Being Truly Present Becoming a force for good
Deepak Chopra in Peace Is the Way The best hope
Beating the Blahs Nuggets for restoring your resolve and getting over the feeling of being stuck.
Santideva in A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life There is no merit without zeal
Andrew Harvey in Dialogues with a Modern Mystic Many people don't know how to inspire themselves
Jeffrey Hopkins in How to Expand Love Only a determined effort over a long period can overcome the entrenched forces of foolishness and greed.