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Jackie Two scenes from the film Jackie address the human search for meaning even when there are no easy answers.
Resistance A call for Progressive Christians to create centers of resistance.
Creation A picture book illustrating the creation story as told in the St. James Bible.
The Great Spiritual Migration Brian McLaren on love as the heart of Jesus' teaching and the heartbeat of his daily life.
The Great Spiritual Migration An inspiring and enlightening spur to movement, creativity, and activism within Christian communities.
Dekalog Modern stories, inspired by the Ten Commandments, that explore some of the deepest and most difficult complications of the human condition.
Freedom from Fear Anthony de Mello's meditation on Jesus' post-resurrection appearance to the disciples.
Way of Love An enlightening work on the four movements of love in our world.
Inclusivity Diarmuid O'Murchu on the roots of the desire for inclusivity and the primacy of the Kingdom.
Daniel Berrigan A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Daniel Berrigan, a Catholic priest, teacher, poet, and retreat leader; internationally known as a nonviolent peace and just…