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Building a Bridge A bridge building effort to the LGBT community by a Jesuit.
Keeping Place An exploration of the human longing for home as revealed in the Bible, in literature, and in our daily lives
Creation's First Light A wondrous tale about how the first light made possible all other days of creation.
Holy Daring A passionate and enthusiastic celebration of Teresa of Avila as a saint for all seasons.
Be Still And Know Insights into Christianity, Zen, and stillness.
Days of Awe and Wonder A top-drawer introduction to the major insights of the Christian theologian Marcus J. Borg.
Hallelujah Anyway Worthwhile musings on grace, faith, mercy, and service.
Sacred Journeys A singular and enlightening devotional work for women.
Jackie Two scenes from the film Jackie address the human search for meaning even when there are no easy answers.
Resistance A call for Progressive Christians to create centers of resistance.