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Mindful Reading of Poetry Approaching a poem not by analysis but through the senses and feelings.
Living La Vida Yoga September 4 - 29, 2017: Practical tips from the yoga tradition for every spiritual path.
Pure Enjoyment A breathing practice that builds relaxation, calm, and happiness.
Tara Brach A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality
The Miracle of Breath An e-course guide to breathing practice for personal healing, social engagement, and spiritual deepening.
The Way of Rest Jeff Foster on the art of listening.
Spiritual Practices for Difficult Times Nine practices for times when world events overwhelm us and we feel defeated.
Chan Heart, Chan Mind An elegant collection of meditations from the Chinese Zen perspective.
Dancing Mindfulness An inspiring and enlightening guide to mindful dancing.
Woman Prayer, Woman Song Alternative worship services and songs on creation, liberation, and transformation.