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Birthday of Maria Montessori Celebrating the Italian physician and educator known for the Montessori philosophy of education.
The Midwife A satisfying dramedy about a woman seeking fresh directions and adventures during middle age.
Birthday of Dame Cicely Saunders Observing the birthday of the founder of the hospice movement.
Three Sisters The lonely, difficult, and exhausting lives of three sisters in a small village in China.
Be Kind to Animals Week Things to do and think about during the annual week-long celebration of the important role animals play in our lives.
Caring for the Dying A compassionate three-stage approach to the art of dying.
Seven Songs for a Long Life A touching documentary about the healing powers of music in a hospice setting.
What to Do When You Feel Too Shy A self-help book for children packed with exercises for dealing with socially challenging situations.
There Is No Good Card for This A creatively packaged and illustrated resource on relating to those stricken by crisis, grief, or deep loss.
The Practice of Compassion: A Multifaith Guide An exploration of compassion practices in six traditions.