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Birthday of Pablo Casals Celebrating the musician's birthday by reflecting on some of his ideas.
Diwali - A Celebration of Our Inner Light The Hindu holiday as a celebration of our inner light and a time to cultivate spiritual wealth.
A Street Cat Named Bob The true story of a stray city cat whose love of a street musician turns his life around.
Gifted Drama about an uncle's love and caretaking for his niece who is a young math prodigy.
The Zookeeper's Wife A portrait in courage told through the true story of a Polish couple who saved hundreds of Jews during World War II.
Birthday of Jane Goodall Observing the birthday of a UN Messenger of Peace who is considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.
God Knows Where I Am A disturbing documentary on the plight of a mentally ill American woman.
365 Ways to Live Generously A salutary and uplifting paperback on giving to others.
Queen of Katwe A celebration of the manifold accomplishments of a young African chess prodigy.
Seven Songs for a Long Life A touching documentary about the healing powers of music in a hospice setting.