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National Grandparents Day DVDs that celebrate the vital connection between grandparents and grandchildren.
Finding Dory An inventive animated film about short-term memory loss, the longing to return home, and the lessons learned on a quest.
The Little Prince A creative and spiritual reworking of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's magical and enlightening 1943 novella.
Glow Kids A mind-stretching book about the outbreak of an epidemic of screen addictions to video games, smart phones, and other devices.
Things We Learned from The Little Prince 15 spiritual lessons we learned from the new film based on the classic fable.
Mothers and Daughters A lightly entertaining portrait of different types of mother-daughter relationships.
Over the Hills and Far Away An outstanding collection that provides a multi-faceted experience for children and adults.
Joseph Cornell's Boxes An appreciation of a box creation filled with a deep respect for the mysteries of life and death.
Children in Jeopardy A collection of films that depict the plight of children in today's world.
Wayne Muller A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Wayne Muller, minister, therapist, and founder of Bread for the Journey.