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David J. Wolpe in Teaching Your Children About God Children have a natural capacity for faith
Jose Hobday in Stories of Awe and Abundance She named every kid best at something
No Room at the Table Donald H. Dunson on the plight of children in need of nurturing around the world.
Sobonfu Some A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to the spirituality of Sobonfu Some, teacher of African spirituality and founder of Ancestors Wisdom Spring.
Chaou Chou in A Whole Life's Work I will learn from him
Melannie Svoboda in Everyday Epiphanies Restore my ability to show joy
Henri J. M. Nouwen in With Open Hands The trusting relation of little children toward their mother
Amy Krouse Rosenthal in Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life Children get to say ta da
Into the Arms of Strangers A deeply moving and inspiring documentary on the humanitarian effort to save the lives of 10,000 Jewish children during the months prior to World War II.
Beth Miller in The Woman's Book of Resilience I wonder if some of us even laugh fifteen times