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Halloween A meditation on Halloween as an important ritual that gives children the freedom to explore the dark.
World Food Day Important facts about world hunger and what you can do about it today.
Jim Henson and the Muppets Celebrating the anniversary of the first episode of Jim Henson's The Muppet Show.
Birthday of Maria Montessori Celebrating the Italian physician and educator known for the Montessori philosophy of education.
Birthday of E. B. White Reading essays, watching stories for children, contemplating quotes in honor of the writer who excelled in all these genres.
The Rock Maiden A re-envisioned story about a famous rock formation in Hong Kong.
The Happiest Kids in the World An account of the perks and pleasures of childhood in the Netherlands.
What Do You Love About You? A wonderful children's book about self-esteem.
Love You Too A call-and-response children's book about a day's activities.
I Heart You A picture book with creative uses of verbs to describe how parents and babies express their love.