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Joy, No Matter What Disappointment is a part of life.
Columbus A mesmerizing film about the poetics of place and the difficult choices we must make to stay true to our passions.
Wind River Powerful crime thriller with fresh insights into grief and how to be a good steward of one's pain.
Polina The quest of a classical ballerina to express herself through modern dance.
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work on Simplicity A personal retreat on living freely, simply, and from the heart.
Modern Death An enlightening book by a doctor with a sturdy grasp of the issues around death and dying.
Films about Northern Ireland and The Troubles Films about the people and pivotal events in the late twentieth century conflict over the status of Northern Ireland.
Anatomy of Love An enlightening and entertaining map of the adventure of love.
Citizen Jane: Battle for the City An exciting and enlightening documentary about an urban visionary's legacy.
Fire at Sea A heart-rending documentary about a small island between Libya and Sicily where illegal immigrants from Africa stop on their way to Europe.