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My Winnipeg An incredibly creative docu-fantasia that explores the memory, history, dreams, and myths of the director's Canadian hometown.
The Spiritual City Philip Sheldrake on spiritual values for the city.
The Spiritual City A scholarly survey of the vital role cities play in shaping the human spirit.
The Language of Houses Examples of what our buildings tell us about ourselves and our society.
On Looking Alexandra Horowitz on the how paying attention yields many spiritual benefits to urban dwellers.
On Looking A fascinating invitation to make the most out of ordinary walks around the block.
The Human Age An optimistic picture of the future where wonder is a major spiritual practice.
Finding Vivian Maier A documentary about the reclusive photographer Vivian Maier that is a bit weird and wonderful
Stuff Matters A spiffy celebration of stuff such as steel, concrete, and glass.
The Florist's Daughter Patricia Hampl on faith as a form of stasis.