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Greetings from the Shore A pleasant coming-of-age drama about an enthusiastic young woman who learns how to change her tidy life plan and go with the flow.
Terri A bittersweet drama about a cross-generational friendship that proves beneficial to a teenage outsider who is sinking into severe loneliness.
Northern Borders The coming-of-age of a patient and resilient boy during his stay with his eccentric grandparents in Vermont.
Me and Orson Welles A funny and appealing coming-of-age drama propelled by a razzle-dazzle performance by Christian McKay as the legendary boy-wonder Orson Welles.
Footloose A lively and entertaining youth drama about the coming of change in a repressive small town.
Taking Woodstock A colorful glimpse of the magic of Woodstock viewed through the life of an up-tight young man, a great caretaker unable to treat himself kindly.
Coming of Age An exploration of the passage from childhood to adulthood through a wide variety of readings.
An Education An alluring coming-of-age drama that provided a multi-textured study of the power and poignancy of human desire.
Fish Tank An intense film about the messy coming-of-age misadventures of an angry and unhappy English working-class teenager.
Submarine A playful and witty take on the traditional coming-of-age dramas.