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No Contest Alfie Kohn on the consequences of winning.
Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching True goodness, like water is, good for everything
Watching the Olympics as a Spiritual Practice Spiritual practices to honor dimensions of the Olympics beyond the competition itself.
Matthew Fox in Expect Nothing Compassion suffers at the hands of competition
Best in Show A very funny comedy about a dog show in Philadelphia and the multiple foibles of the contestants' crazy over-the-top owners.
Page One: Inside the New York Times A sophisticated look at The New York Times as it struggles to survive in a new media milieu of intense competition.
Stick It Three cheers for a feisty, break-all-the-rules heroine who is a bold innovator in the grueling world of competitive gymnastics!
Bottle Shock A delightful drama about the wine business and the yearning of three unfulfilled men to reach their potential.
Edward Hays in The Great Escape Manual Wholeheartedly rejoice in another's good
Super Cooperators Martin Nowak on why cooperation needs to come from the bottom up.