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Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It All A dynamic documentary about the visionary Vedic scholar who launched the Hare Krishna movement.
Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? An edifying and wide-ranging examination of the versatility and resilience of nonhuman minds.
Becoming Truly Human: Gurdjieff's Obligolnian Strivings A Lenten study of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff's Five Strivings.
Creativity Unzipped How recognizing that we are all creative helps us take responsibility and evolve consciously.
Creativity Unzipped A manifesto urging us all to unleash our creativity in the service of conscious activism.
A Way to God An adventuresome spiritual journey through the common themes in the wisdom of Thomas Merton and Meister Eckhart.
American Veda A map of the amazing, expansive, and eclectic impact of the Indian Vedic tradition in America.
Hinduism Curated content of our resources on Hinduism
Beyond Words A watershed work on the emotional lives of elephants, wolves, and orcas.
What the Mystics Know A mining of the spiritual nature of mysticism to retrieve precious gems of truth.