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Quotations on Diversity Words of wisdom about our crucial need to deal with matters of identity and difference.
The Zen of You & Me Ways to deal with differences through listening and compassion.
The Way Under the Way A spiritual teacher's conversation with the Universe through tough and tender poems.
Conversations in the Spirit 33 radio interviews with spiritual teachers by Lex Hixon, a pioneer of interspirituality.
Senior Moments Willard Spiegelman's analysis of good conversation and great talkers.
Senior Moments Well-written essays by an elder who is very skilled at weaving together the experiences of his life.
Love & Friendship The adventures of a world-class schemer and dreamer.
The Brainwashing of My Dad A timely and thought-provoking portrait of the soulscape of America with its rage, lack of civility, and right-wing media machinations.
I'm Right and You're an Idiot Insights from Steve Rosell, a pioneer of using dialogue in polarized public conflicts.
There Is a New World Somehwere Two lonely souls trying to learn the steps of the trust tango as they travel through the South together.