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America at War with Itself An overview of anti-democratic forces at work in the United States.
I'm Right and You're an Idiot A call for an end to the pollution of public discourse and the creation instead of constructive dialogue.
Requiem for the American Dream An interview with Noam Chomsky that illuminates the sad and scary state of affairs in "Two Americas."
The Supreme Price An enlightening documentary on the troubles of Nigeria and the rise of a female leader who is an impresario of change.
Democrats A hard-hitting documentary on the complexities of creating a workable democracy in Africa.
Spiritual Defiance How clergy can return the Way to the ways of defiance.
Selma A stirring and enlightening movie about civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his crusade for equality.
Terry Tempest Williams A profile with bibliography, quotes sampler, and lists of resources demonstrating the distinctive contribution to spirituality of Terry Tempest Williams, author, naturalist, and environmental activist…
Hope on a Tightrope Suggestions to help us get unadjusted from injustice.
Small Victories Anne Lamott on how at a peace march in San Francisco, the "I" turned into a "we."