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Riding the Dragon Spiritual advice for those seeking an end to a period of darkness.
The Flower of My Secret Depicts the magical turnaround in the life of a writer of romance novels.
Comfort and Joy A perfect film for New Year celebrations with its messages about personal renewal and starting afresh.
Sam Keen in Inward Bound The world is eaten up by boredom
Lewis B. Smedes in Shame and Grace Shame is heavy and grace is light
Jelaluddin Rumi in The Rumi Collection Your depression is connected to your insolence
Bahauddin in The Drowned Book I go to your door to pass time
Breakfast Epiphanies David Anderson on a distortion of love used to enable.
Wear Hope Like a Skin Ways to practice hope in our daily lives as an antidote to despair and inertia.
Victor Hugo in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Laughter drives the winter away