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After the Storm A touching story about a mad and sad blocked writer in the midst of a midlife breakdown.
A Trip to Spain A hilarious journey with two middle-agers savoring the pleasures of Spain.
The Golden Condom A reflection on how love can be resurrected and is never lost.
Lost in Paris A far-out romantic comedy with three eccentric and lovable characters.
Churchill An engaging look at Winston Churchill's inner struggle in old age as he faces his diminished powers and his vulnerability.
The Sense of an Ending A thoughtful probe into the efforts of an elderly man to achieve closure in a past intimate relationship.
A Woman's Life A sobering portrait of the victimization of a woman who lacks the character quality of resilience.
Seven Last Words Deft and touching Good Friday meditations.
Fences A poignant screen adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which Denzel Washington stokes the fire in his belly.
Quiet Mind A reframe of failure as not failing down but staying down.