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A United Kingdom A moving film about the love, courage, and perseverance of an interracial couple facing wide-ranging challenges to their marriage.
Albrecht Dürer's The Great Piece of Turf An opportunity to sense the magnificence of life in a wayside clump of vegetation.
Days of Awe and Wonder A top-drawer introduction to the major insights of the Christian theologian Marcus J. Borg.
Becoming Who You Are A challenge to answer God's call to be who we are meant to be.
The Souls of China An explanation of Chinese religion as a mixture of faiths with an emphasis on rituals.
Quotations on Diversity Words of wisdom about our crucial need to deal with matters of identity and difference.
The Zen of You & Me Ways to deal with differences through listening and compassion.
James Martin A prayer for frustrated Catholics.
The Complacent Class An assessment of American society as stagnated and in need of major change.
Seasons An immersive experience of what life was like for animals and early humans during the Golden Age of the forest.