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The Myth of Human Supremacy A summary of the differences between a supremacist and a non-supremacist worldview.
The Way of Rest Over 200 essays brimming over with humor, humanity, and humility.
Do Not Resist A scary documentary on the increasing militarization of American police.
Captain America: Civil War A mini-morality play about collateral damage when superheroes set out to save the world.
Protecting All Motherly Human Beings A meditation by Penor Rinpoche to counter dualistic thinking and to create compassion.
American Veda A map of the amazing, expansive, and eclectic impact of the Indian Vedic tradition in America.
What the Mystics Know A mining of the spiritual nature of mysticism to retrieve precious gems of truth.
Stations of the Cross A spiritual movie for practicing empathy and compassion for fearful fundamentalists.
Make Me One With Everything A practice-grounded book from the Tibetan Buddhist teacher on inter-meditation in everyday life as a way to achieve oneness.
Spiritual Awakening A spunky and cleverly designed paperback on spirituality as playful, joyous, and pleasurable.