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Wakefield A dramedy worth seeing with an engrossing performance by Bryan Cranston.
The Road to Character A good case for character development and a respect for enduring values and virtues.
Birthday of Hazrat Inayat Khan Celebrating the birthday of Hazrat Inayat Khan who brought Sufism with its emphasis on courtesy and kindness to the West.
The Last Word One of the few comedies about the challenges of creating a legacy at the end of life.
Beauty and the Beast A wonder-filled live-action version of the romantic story that also offers us lessons common in good fairy tales.
Becoming Who You Are A challenge to answer God's call to be who we are meant to be.
The Zen of You & Me Ways to deal with differences through listening and compassion.
Golden Rule Day A time to dethrone ourselves, put others first, and live in unity with all beings on the planet.
Vesper Time Insights about the spiritual practices that accompany diminishment during aging.
Collateral Beauty A poignant meditation on the dark clouds of grief.