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Human Rights Day Make vow, read up on a cause, sensitize your self with documentaries about on human rights to observe the anniversary of the issuance of the United Nations' Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
Guardian Angels Day A special day to give thanks to guardian angels for being in our lives and watching over us.
A Dictionary of Environmental Quotations An awesome collection of thought-provoking and inspiration quotes about the environment.
Atomic Homefront A hard-hitting documentary about an environmental disaster brought on by the EPA's irresponsibility.
Birthday of Rachel Carson A celebration of the life of the renowned aquatic biologist, author, and conservationist.
Birthday of Pete Seeger An overview of the life and legacy of Pete Seeger, a remarkable folk singer and social justice activist.
Earth Day: 12 Spiritual Practices to Honor the Earth In observance of Earth Day we offer a set of practices you can do to honor the Earth over the next months.
Love Thy Nature An innovative and soul-stirring documentary for Earth Day.
Before the Flood A documentary about Leonardo DiCaprio's three-year journey exploring the causes and dangers of climate change.
Salt and Fire A visionary director's creative and challenging look at an ecological disaster.