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Random Acts of Kindness Do something nice without taking credit.
We Are One A spiritual response to the Gulf oil spill in the form of an I Am prayer.
The Spirit in All Things Consider your relationship to all the objects in your life.
Blessing for Water A way to honor this essential cleansing element.
Hold a Council of All Beings Speak on behalf of all life-forms expressing their concerns.
Meditation on Cultivating the Experience of Connectedness Expanding awareness to the breath, the whole body, and the environment.
Birthday of Rachel Carson A celebration of the life of the renowned aquatic biologist, author, and conservationist.
Guardian Angels Day A special day to give thanks to guardian angels for being in our lives and watching over us.
Human Rights Day Make vow, read up on a cause, sensitize your self with documentaries about on human rights to observe the anniversary of the issuance of the United Nations' Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
Birthday of Jane Goodall Observing the birthday of a UN Messenger of Peace who is considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.