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The Brand New Testament A dramedy about the Divine Feminine with a surplus of laughter, tears, music that touches the soul, and miracles that soften the heart.
The Path of Resistance When we see governments committing acts that harm people and the planet, the religions say "Resist!" These prayers, quotes, readings, practices, and websites will support you on this path.
The Genocide Contagion A thought-provoking tome on the human capacity to commit genocide.
The Complete Encyclicals, Bulls, and Apostolic Exhortations Pope Francis on some meanings of desertification for today's Christians.
Silence and Beauty An eclectic and substantive overview of the spiritual complexities of Japanese culture.
Haramiste Short story about the sexual initiation of two Muslim sisters.
Captain America: Civil War A mini-morality play about collateral damage when superheroes set out to save the world.
Altruism Tributes to two heroes of compassion and altruism.
Son of Saul A razor-sharp treatment of one Jewish prisoner's mission of mercy in a World War II concentration camp.
The Way of Mercy Sidney Callahan on how spiritual works of mercy enable us to see each other through stress and broaden our life in community.