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Holy Spokes The Prayers of the People from a Blessing of the Bicycles Service
Holy Spokes A minister's experiences making bicycling into her spiritual practice.
The Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West An up-close and personal portrait of a Tai Chi master, honed by decades of experience, at work with his students.
Bikes vs Cars Reports from cities around the world about the need for bikes and the problems faced by those who ride them.
Count Your Blessings Focusing on your connection to God as you climb stairs.
Yoga Quotes to appreciate and explore the spiritual, physical, psychological, and societal dimensions of this practice.
Walking A curated collection of content from S&P on walking as a spiritual practice — a practice that yields many dividends.
Gardening Book, audios, movies, and quotes that show how being in a garden can be a spiritual experience and gardening can be a spiritual practice.
The Light of God Meditation Awakening your longings for love and life.
Gym Meditation Stopping at exactly the right time.