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Sunshine Charts the ways in which many of the characters tarnish their souls through the decisions they make.
The Sea Gypsies A delightful film about an extended family who sets sail on a worldwide journey.
Cinderella The 1950 classic on DVD for the first time with its charm enhanced and plenty of extras to delight fans.
Sleepless in Seattle A film tailor-made for true believers in the spiritual course of love.
The Sacrifice For true film devotees who will appreciate mystery and spiritual allusiveness.
Kristin Lavransdatter Liv Ullmann's devotion to this classic comes across in her intense direction of this tale of one woman's yearning.
Next Summer An emotionally resonant French film that hurrahs family solidarity in the face of tragedy.
American Heart A gritty tale about a down-and-out father and son who inch toward a loving relationship.
Chicken Little A snappy and inventive computer animated film whose clever storyline has something for everyone
Poltergeist Delivers real punch in its depiction of a family's struggle against forces they cannot understand or manipulate.