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Ramadan Mubarak The significance of this month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast and intensify their spiritual practices.
Beauty and Wisdom in the Qur'an May 29 - June 23, 2017: An e-course on timeless insights and practices gleaned from reflections on verses of the Qur’an.
Pi Gu Chi Kung A step-by-step guide to a Taoist method of fasting.
Bobby Sands: 66 Days A searing documentary about the life and death of an Irish hero.
Last Days in the Desert An immersive spiritual drama in which God speaks to Yeshua/Jesus through the world, his experiences, a family, and a Demon.
Thomas Keating in Divine Therapy & Addiction It's worthwhile to question our motives, even for noble acts.
Story of Judas A bold and creative recasting of Jesus's disciple.
The Sufi Path of Annihilation Sufi poems and sayings from the Itlak path of Sufism.
The Sacred Art of Fasting Alternatives to fasting for those who cannot fast in the traditional sense of abstaining from food and drink.
Saracen Chivalry A visionary classic on the spiritual zest and transformative power of the chivalric code.