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Invasion of the Body Snatchers Speaks to our national paranoia amd intrigues us with its craftiness.
Monsters, Inc. A funny and frolicsome computer-animated feature that proves once and for all that laughter is a better renewable energy source than scares.
Joe versus the Volcano A wild, weird, and wonderful adult fairy tale about a man who travels halfway around the world to discover why his life is still worth living.
Alien A scare machine that really works.
Invaders From Mars A sci-fi thriller, as vivid as a nightmare, about extraterrestrials who come to take over the earth.
Three Wishes A genuinely satisfying feel-good parable about positive thinking and living in the moment.
The Haunting A psychologically apt thriller with the message that love is the only true antidote to fear.
James and the Giant Peach A marvelously inventive fairy tale based on Ronald Dahl's 1961 children's book.
The Others Acompelling and well-done anatomy of fear.
Limbo Another challenging movie by John Sayles about the complexity of the soul and the mystery of fate.