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Mark Epstein in Going on Being One who can tolerate his own terror
Facing Fear Dealing with fear is a major spiritual challenge of our time. Our readings explore how we can turn this challenge into an opportunity for spiritual growth.
Sharon Salzberg in Faith To be driven by fear
Cheri Huber in The Fear Book Every time we choose safety
Rick Hamlin in Finding God on the A Train Don't get your hopes up
Three Poems and an Exercise Three poems, a snippet from a novel, and an imaginative exercise all seek to open our hearts and minds to the reality of death.
Henri J. M. Nouwen in Ministry and Spirituality The movement from hostility to hospitality.
Daniel Homan in Radical Hospitality Hospitality is
Taste And See That Life Is Good Refuting catastrophic expectations.
Mary Rose O'Reilley in The Barn at the End of the World Zen teachers often use the image of "taking tea"