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Anniversary of Seeds of Peace UNESCO prize Celebrating a group that encourages friendships among youth as they learn the art of peacemaking.
The Daughter An unflinching look at the incredible harm that can be done by secrets, adultery, and even honesty.
Seven Last Words Deft and touching Good Friday meditations.
Love, Henri A condolence letter by Henri Nouwen to a friend who has lost his partner.
Love, Henri A collection of letters that provide a keen sense of Nouwen's spirituality "adventures with God."
All This Panic A timely documentary about the coming-of-age of seven adolescent girls in Brooklyn.
All These Sleepless Nights A documentary drama of the night-time quests for pleasure via booze and drugs of a twenty-something pair in Warsaw, Poland.
Julieta An immersive mother-daughter story that vividly explores emotional literacy.
A Woman, A Part Portrait of one woman's resilience as she moves through a difficult mid-life crisis.
Fences A poignant screen adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which Denzel Washington stokes the fire in his belly.