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Anniversary of Seeds of Peace UNESCO prize Celebrating a group that encourages friendships among youth as they learn the art of peacemaking.
The Journey Story inspired by historical events that illustrates the process whereby enemies can become friends.
Rumi's Little Book of the Heart An inspirational collection of poems about friendship, love, and loss.
A Little Book of Mystical Secrets An introduction to the life and teachings of Rumi's mentor and soulmate.
Handsome Devil A lively dramedy about two friends who walk through the fire and forge their characters in the process.
Lovesong Saga of two twenty-something women who try to take their friendship to another level of intimacy.
Saint Francis of Assisi Wisdom and inspiration from St. Francis for those on a spiritual path.
The Daughter An unflinching look at the incredible harm that can be done by secrets, adultery, and even honesty.
Seven Last Words Deft and touching Good Friday meditations.
Love, Henri A condolence letter by Henri Nouwen to a friend who has lost his partner.