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Anniversary of Seeds of Peace UNESCO prize Celebrating a group that encourages friendships among youth as they learn the art of peacemaking.
A Trip to Spain A hilarious journey with two middle-agers savoring the pleasures of Spain.
A Woman, A Part Portrait of one woman's resilience as she moves through a difficult mid-life crisis.
The Golden Condom A psychotherapist's take on the many shades of love.
Okja A rollicking tale about animal rights, interspecies love, and corporate greed.
Dying to Know A pensive documentary shedding light on death and dying, inner space exploration and the sweet fragility of life
The Journey Story inspired by historical events that illustrates the process whereby enemies can become friends.
Rumi's Little Book of the Heart An inspirational collection of poems about friendship, love, and loss.
A Little Book of Mystical Secrets An introduction to the life and teachings of Rumi's mentor and soulmate.
Handsome Devil A lively dramedy about two friends who walk through the fire and forge their characters in the process.