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John Wesley's Birthday Celebrate the birthday of John Wesley, the co-founder of Methodism, with prayer, thrift, and singing.
Ordinary Goodness A celebration of goodness as a portal to expressing kindness, compassion, and faith.
Silence An exploration of the toxic fallout from the belief that your culture and/or religion is superior to that of others.
20th Century Women A dramedy about a mother's unusual project to teach her son how to be a good man.
Sully A tense ethical thriller probing heroism and the fallibility of computers.
The Soul of Christmas A guide to pondering and incarnating the soulful meanings of Christmas.
The Divine Dance Reminders and a prayer for being here now.
Christian Mystics Good advice on how to read the mystics, including allowing yourself to have favorites.
Buddha U Practical advice from the Buddhist school of life for dealing with college stress.
Captain America: Civil War A mini-morality play about collateral damage when superheroes set out to save the world.