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Navratri – Nine Nights of Meditation on the Divine Feminine Spiritual goals for the Hindu holiday that honors Shakti or the Divine Feminine/Mother.
Beauty and the Beast A wonder-filled live-action version of the romantic story that also offers us lessons common in good fairy tales.
Love & Friendship The adventures of a world-class schemer and dreamer.
The Princess of France A playful look at romantic dalliances by an inventive Argentinian writer and director.
Speaking of Others with Openness Faults as a weak point where character can change.
Fostering Wholesome Speech Renouncing complaint, anger, gossip, or sentimentality.
Don't Say Anything Negative Becoming a peacemaker.
Hold a Coin Refraining from malicious gossip.
Coping with Negativity Spiritual practices to use as antidotes to all the negativity in our private and public lives.
The Invisible Woman A Charles Dickens biopic directed by Ralph Fiennes with fetching costumes and a well-acted romantic drama.