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A Prayer for Political Parties O God of Diversity, we turn to you with the question: Is it time, as Ralph Nader and others have said many times, for a third political party in the United States to keep the two major parties hones…
John F. Kennedy in Justice: A Global Adventure If a free society cannot help the poor
All the President's Men The true story of one of the investigative journalists who uncovered the Watergate cover-up.
Democrats A hard-hitting documentary on the complexities of creating a workable democracy in Africa.
Birthday of Adlai Stevenson (PDP) Exploring the vision of the American politician, governor, and UN ambassador.
Bullets into Bells A poem about the suffering caused by inaction and a response from a U.S. Congressman.
Bradford Keeney in Shamanic Christianity The most revolutionary act is to turn people on to music
A Prayer of Gratitude for the Paris Climate Change Agreement On Saturday, December 12, after months of preparation and a week of discussion, representatives of 195 countries agreed on a historic document addressing the issues and problems associated with clim…
Thich Nhat Hanh in Peace Begins Here Organize a peace conference
Isle of Dogs An imaginative tribute to dogs with some social commentary on the side.