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Birthday of Dame Cicely Saunders Observing the birthday of the founder of the hospice movement.
The Gifts of Good Friday: Compassion and Mercy For centuries, people have tried to understand the power and the significance of Jesus' suffering on the cross on Good Friday. Here are two responses.
Collateral Beauty A poignant meditation on the dark clouds of grief.
Being 17 A compelling French drama that enables us to savor the poignant mysteries of love, yearning, and sex.
Prayer Seeds A to-be-treasured resource of prayers that serve as seeds of new life.
Personal Shopper A thought-provoking film about the mysteries found in times of grief and loss.
Caring for the Dying A compassionate three-stage approach to the art of dying.
Jackie A spiritual look at Jacqueline Kennedy's search for meaning after the death of her beloved husband.
Frantz A heart-affecting and inventive drama about war, grief, forgiveness, and the healing powers of art.
Heal the Living A very fine French film about death, organ donation, and the importance of illness narratives.