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Birthday of Dorothy Day An opportunity to firm up our commitments to service of others, peace, and justice.
A Street Cat Named Bob The true story of a stray city cat whose love of a street musician turns his life around.
Lion A true story that will elicit your empathy through the miracles in the life of a man who goes on a quest to locate his birth family.
I, Daniel Blake An award-winning film that puts you in the shoes of people coping with poverty and the bureaucracy of England's welfare system.
A Stray A parabolic film about a Somali refugee who lives on the streets of Minneapolis with his devoted dog.
Misconception An illuminating documentary that presents three different perspectives on the challenges of overpopulation.
The Lady in the Van A vibrant dramedy about the idiosyncratic relationship between a homeless elderly woman and a lonely playwright.
Mediterranea Sad story about the struggles of two brothers from Burkina Faso who journey to Italy in hopes of finding a better life.
Noble The true story of charity founder Christina Noble's empathy in action.
I Am a Bear A reflection on the challenges of homelessness.