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The Book of Joy An illuminating dialogue on the spiritual practice of joy and its eight pillars.
Birthday of G. K. Chesterton Quotes to take to heart on the birthday of one of the most jovial and brilliant apologists for the Christian faith.
Beauty and Wisdom in the Qur'an May 29 - June 23, 2017: An e-course on timeless insights and practices gleaned from reflections on verses of the Qur’an.
Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg A sprightly documentary about the diverse and impressive career of the stand-up comedian.
Purim A celebration with cookies, a biblical story, noisemakers, and a chance to laugh at our enemies and ourselves.
The Last Laugh A documentary on the controversies swirling around humor about the Holocaust.
Drawn Together A delightful collection of comics on the challenges of the spiritual path.
The Soul of Christmas Thomas Moore on why Santa is a holy figure.
Other People A cogent dramedy about a dying mother and the emotional vulnerability of her shattered gay son.
Don't Think Twice A dramedy about the toxic effects of envy, fear, and competition on the hopes and dramas of a band of improv comedians in New York City.