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Birthday of Dorothy Day An opportunity to firm up our commitments to service of others, peace, and justice.
World Food Day Important facts about world hunger and what you can do about it today.
Flavor A fascinating book that moves our most undervalued sense into the spotlight.
I, Daniel Blake An award-winning film that puts you in the shoes of people coping with poverty and the bureaucracy of England's welfare system.
Golden Kingdom An elegant spiritual drama about the spiritual journeys of four novice Buddhist monks in Myanmar.
A Stray A parabolic film about a Somali refugee who lives on the streets of Minneapolis with his devoted dog.
John August Swanson: Artist and Activist A collection of posters by this American visual artist.
Megan McKenna in And Morning Came Widows and orphans are to be revered
The End of Plenty Why agriculture must change to feed the world's growing population.
The End of Plenty Predictions of a looming food catastrophe and what we can do about it.