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Peter Maurin in Every Day Hospitality Hospitality has been commercialized.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama in The World of Tibetan Buddhism Altruism is not merely a religious ideal
James Hillman in The Soul's Code There is a vision, an ideal that calls
Sam Keen in To Love and Be Loved The desires that draw us to people
After the Wedding A substantive film about an idealistic Danish aid worker who is forced to stretch his own capacities for love and compassion.
Christopher Child in The Spirit's Terrain A clear and worthy vision of the desirable future
Working Words Anne Feeney on how it takes eternal vigilance for justice to prevail.
Dov Peretz Elkins in The Wisdom of Judaism A society in which all are cared for
Ezra Bayda in Saying Yes to Life Notice your ideals and expectations
Emerson and the Dream of America An examination of Emerson's idealism.